Summer Programs introduces Jake Tavill from Rumson, New Jersey who came to Berklee last summer to attend the Five-Week Performance Program.

How long have you been playing your instrument?

I have been singing for 7 years and playing the piano for 6 years.

Which summer program did you attend and what drew you to Berklee?

I attended the Berklee Five-Week Performance Program. I was drawn to Berklee by the amazing people that have studied there, the renowned teachers, and the amazing reviews.

What was your favorite aspect(s) of the program?

So much was great about the program. To start with, the vibe of the entire experience was amazing. It was so energizing and inspiring. In addition, the teachers and classes were so understandable, interesting, and influential. Also, the campus and the people in the program were fantastic. I made so many great friendships with fellow musicians. Additionally, exploring Boston, along with living in the dorms was great!

What were some of the challenges that you faced during the course of the program?

The only challenge I had with the program was getting to the different buildings I needed to on time. Soon after the start of the program, though, it became second nature.

How has your time at Berklee influenced you as a musician and as a person?

My experience at Berklee influenced me greatly as a musician. I learned so much of the inner workings of music and experienced many types of music that I would never have thought of integrating into my own music. It also taught me much about college life and helped me become more self-sufficient.

What are you up to nowadays?

Currently, I am performing and recording my original music and can’t wait to go to Five-Week again.