Berklee Blogs introduces Gabrielle Thornley, a Professional Music major and spring intern, as she begins her internship with The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company that provides the largest repository of music data in the world for app developers. In today’s blog, Gabrielle tells us about the expansion of The Echo Nest to the West Coast and some fun projects she’s been working on…

This has been a fun-filled couple of weeks for us at the Echo Nest. Mustache March has been thrown into full effect around the office, meaning a lot of unshaven faces walking around. The handful of girls at work will be the judges of this “Mustachio Contest,” so I must admit that I am a little excited for that.

On a different note, I’ve been working on a slew of fun projects recently. We’ve continued on with the Playlist Project, which I must admit, has been my favorite activity so far. I added a few new R&B tunes to my “Getting Lucky” playlist, while generating another list based solely on the act of stretching before a workout. Interpreting that as more of a calming vibe, I kept the playlist acoustic, with a consistent folky sound throughout. Along with all the playlisting, I was asked to research and purchase the top songs trending in about 15 different countries right now. It was really awesome to see what people around the world are listening to, compared to the United States. Despite the many similarities, the translations, however, were not too much fun.

I’m extremely proud of the Echo Nest, or “EchoWest” as they call it. They have recently opened a new office in Downtown San Francisco, located within walking distance of many new business start-ups, such as Twitter. Apparently, and I quote: “Be Warned. The EchoWest team is “bringing it” to Mustachio Day on the 31st and have plans to be there in person this year.”

As the school year continues to fly by, I am strongly leaning towards a potential career at the Echo Nest. This new location in California is ideal, and leaves the option for a singer/songwriter such as myself to continue pursuing a career in music AND the music industry. Anything is possible.


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Gabrielle Thornley is a pop music artist from the small town of Coatesville, Pa. Her passion for music originated very early, when she began singing at the age of two. Accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Gabrielle has studied directly under teachers that are music industry professionals. Inspired by the soulful vocals of D’Angelo and Mariah Carey and the storytelling lyrics of Joni Mitchell and Amy Winehouse, Gabrielle started writing her original songs in October of 2011. Ranked as one of the top ReverbNation pop artists in Boston, her sultry lyrics have been featured on numerous independent radio stations worldwide. Currently, Gabrielle is working on writing and recording original songs for her first EP, debuting in the summer of 2013.


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