Sophie Maricq is the Communications Manager for Global Initiatives. She´s a Berklee alumna and has been working closely on the Berklee College of Music – Valencia campus project.


On the flight from Boston to Vegas, I started to think about what I would want to write about during my trip. The fact of flying to another city for Berklee reminded me of my previous journey’s that got me here.

Berklee Valencia Latin Grammys 1

I remember flying to Barcelona for my Berklee audition a few years ago. When I got to the Liceo I was excited, nervous, physically exhausted but so energized, ready for the next challenge in my life. When it was my turn and I was asked to enter the room I felt at home. Three gentlemen greeted me, made me feel comfortable and with a smile, Greg Badolato said “you have nothing to worry about, just sing” and so I did! Then I had my interview with Tod Oliviere and remember saying I heard about the Berklee in Valencia project and really wanted to be involved in it, although at that time it was still not a fact. It is such a wonder and a pleasure to be working closely with them now, and also be so involved in the Valencia project. After weeks of expectation and checking all the cables and plugs in the house to make sure internet was working and I didn’t miss any emails, I received the acceptance and scholarship letters, I WAS GOING TO BERKLEE!!!

This trip to Vegas made me go back to those moments and made me think of all my peers, that each of us have a story to tell about how and why we went to Berklee and how we all went through thick and thin in many different ways to get there. Of all the stories I have heard and shared along the way with all the wonderful people I have been surrounded by in this Berklee experience, wherever we came from – my friends come from more than 15 different countries – whatever we came for, there was one common denominator for all of us “Music moved us”, both physically and emotionally.

Berklee Valencia Latin Grammys 2

As a Berklee alumna it was really exciting to feel I was there to support the nominated alumni in some way and to open doors for other students and alumni. I had the chance to speak to some of them, and they are just great. Producers, engineers, artists, a reflection of the diversity and level of education received; in more than one occasion, several alumni working on the same project, which demonstrates how strong the Berklee community is even after many years from graduating.

Berklee Valencia Latin Grammys 3

During these days at the XIII Latin Grammy Awards, I have observed what really moved people to come. Of course there are flashes, impossible-to-walk-in stilettos, sparkling dresses, black ties and make-up, but when the music started, people were transported to another level. I just couldn’t help but admire and enjoy the genuine smiles and moves that everyone, regardless the age, was generously sharing during the performances, it’s like if during those moments there was nothing that could go wrong. I felt it was literally healing people, bringing them together.

What remains clear to me is that wherever we come from, wherever we are and wherever we are going, music will always move us.