My name is Michael Borgida, and I have been working with the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston for the past 6 years on the program Harborwalk Sounds: Berklee at the ICA.

This concert series has been extremely successful.  I can remember back to the first concert of the series featuring Mike Tucker with Lawrence Fields (currently performing with Joe Lovano), Hogyu Hwang (Monk Institute), and Lee Fish which had an audience of approximately 30 people.  This year, in comparison, there was a record high attendance of 1,700+ people for Jaime Woods and Nick Hakim.

Each year I try my best to represent a wide variety of artists and genres.  This year, for example, the series started with Brazilian, jazz guitarist Italo Cunha; then we had American, neo-soul artists Jaime Woods and Nick Hakim; mid-Western, indie artist Adrianne Lenker; Scottish, folk pianist Hamish Napier; U.K. born crossover performers Tamsin and Hannah Read; psychedelia, raggae band Holiday Mountain; hip-hop group Cosmodrome; and the folk-jazz group The Yesberger Band.

One new aspect to the program that we were able to add this year, is a live stream for each concert.  Thanks to the BIRN any of these concerts can be heard as long as one has an internet connection.  Visit click the BIRN2 link at the top of the page.  Or open this link in your browser, iTunes or other audio player.

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