The finest singers of the 2012 Five Week came together this past Monday evening to present a Vocal Showcase at the Berklee Performance Center. Christiane Karam’s Middle Eastern ensemble kicked off the evening in style, dressed in brightly colored Balkan outfits. The ensemble was comprised of a small group of vocalists with a Western rhythm section, supplemented by traditional Middle Eastern instruments. They performed their repertoire, which is notably complex in rhythm and harmony, with extraordinary confidence and musicality.

The next group to take the stage was the Five Week Chorus, directed by Lucy Holstedt. The lively group performed two original tunes by Ms. Holstedt, as well as Carole King’s “I Feel the Earth Move.” Their rousing performance thoroughly engaged the audience, who clapped along with all of the songs.

Next, the audience was transported to Broadway by the Musical Theater ensemble. Their performance filled up the entire theater, as the actors, not confined to the stage, performed walking through the aisles of the hall. Powerhouse vocals paired with compelling acting skills made this an enthralling performance.

Ken Zambello’s Singers’ Showcase closed out the show. The best contemporary vocalists of the program, chosen by a competitive audition process, rocked the BPC. They were accompanied by an all-star rhythm section and background vocalists, and performed in styles including R&B , pop, and jazz.

This incredible show was a testament to the diverse and high-level talent that the Five Week program attracts. We look forward to watching the careers of these musicians take off!