Ashley Brown, recent Music Business graduate and former intern at Keep the Edge Studios, (an upstart recording studio in Quincy, MA) tells Berklee Blogs how her internship helped her determine and prepare for her future career

I’m proud to say that I’ve finally completed my internship at Keep the Edge Studios and my last semester at Berklee!  Graduating from college seems so surreal, but I’m so excited for life post-Berklee.  For all of you out there who are wondering about interning, here’s a little reflective blog post about my experience with Berklee’s internship program, and my time at Keep the Edge.

My supervisor, Keith, was so great during my internship.  He gave me tasks to work on and trusted me enough to complete them in a timely manner without having to micromanage me.  Being a music business major and concentrating on management has opened my eyes to different types of management styles, and being at this internship has helped me figure out what type of management style I would like to adopt for myself in the future.  It was really refreshing being in a professional environment where my supervisor was cool enough to trust me to do the tasks laid out for me, without having to breathe down my neck to make sure I was doing them. I had a lot of freedom and it felt really nice. 

Completing my internship at Keep the Edge has helped me by showing me how I act when put in a professional environment.  I have a great work ethic and it was nice to put that to use.  It also helped me by confirming that a management position would be great for me, since it’s been so hard for me to choose what I’m really interested in doing for a career.  It’s been such a struggle going through the music business program at Berklee and not really knowing exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life.  I’ve always had a general idea of the area I want to go into, but never specifically what I would excel at.  Now that I’ve gotten the amazing opportunity to test out all of the skills I’ve learned while being in school, the idea of being a manager (either of a band or of any business in the music industry) has proved itself to be a great idea for me.  I’m organized, my ideas are well thought out, and I’m now confident that I would be a good candidate for any management position in the music industry.

The internship program at Berklee has also been such a wonderful experience.  I was always informed of what was expected from me throughout the process, and was never kept in the dark about when or what assignments were due.  Both the internship coordinators at Berklee and my internship supervisors at Keep the Edge have helped make this experience relaxed, insightful, and an all around great experience to prepare me for my future in the music industry.


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Ashley Brown is an eighth semester Music Business major at Berklee. Her principle instrument is classical piano, which she started studying at the age of eight. She is currently interning at Keep the Edge Studios in Quincy, MA where she helps with clerical work and studio marketing. After Berklee, Ashley plans to relocate to Portland to immerse herself in the local music scene. Along her cross-country road trip, she plans to see as much of America as possible in an effort to broaden her own personal horizons. Her current projects include: writing for this blog, learning ukulele, and forming her side project band, Hot and Bourgeois.