In the second half of his original post, Alberto Vargas, a Spring 2012 intern and a Music Production & Engineering / Contemporary Writing and Production Major tells us what he learned from his internship experience and time at Mix One Studios, a recording studio in Boston specializing in voice-overs as well as post-production for film and television.

In the beginning of my internship, I set up a couple of goals I wanted to achieve. I wanted to have the opportunity to work in a professional environment, be able to use the equipment and be a part of the projects and sessions. Those goals came true. I only wish I could have gained more experience in the company and have been able to earn the trust to conduct a session of my own. But I also realized that with the little time I was there, it was not possible.

This internship definitely gave me great experience for my career and it will help me further develop my career and goals. I learned the value of being professional and patient with clients, to have a great work ethic and know it is about the team and not just yourself, and, most importantly, to not be scared to take risks. Obviously know when is the proper time to do so, but nonetheless to take it. I learned to believe in my talent and to know that I have a lot to offer. I can’t say enough how important this is.

After graduation, I have the whole world in front of me and no clue of what is going to happen or what awaits in the future. It is scary, especially for an international student such as myself who has only one year to stand out in the United States and maybe get the opportunity to stay and keep working in the American music industry. But with Berklee and the internships I have taken, I feel that I am ready to do so. I know that the next studio I am in, I will be qualified to work in that environment and be an asset to their team.

I believe it is very important for everyone to have some experience before graduating in order to understand how the industry really works. And furthermore, you never know what opportunities may come out of it. Many jobs and opportunities come from situations such as internships. Once you have been in the music industry enough time, you understand the importance of networking and how the smallest gig can lead to the greatest opportunity of your life. That is why I will always keep my eyes wide open for what is yet to come.



Alberto Vargas is a producer, songwriter, mix engineer and arranger originally from Colombia. His songs and productions vary from a wide range of styles and artists to orchestral, film and media productions. In Colombia he studied sound engineering and performed as an artist before coming to the U.S. to pursue his dream in the music industry. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in both Music Production and Engineering and Contemporary Writing and Production while at the same time working as a songwriter, producer, arranger and engineer for many projects around the world.