Berklee Blogs checks in with Mike Cavalli as he settles into his internship at Fuchs Audio Technology, a boutique audio equipment company

Right when I feel like I have become a regular at the company, the semester is starting to come to an end. What felt like forever is now going to be my 3rd month working at Fuchs Audio and already I can feel the anxiety building up as to whether or not I will become a member of the Fuchs family. With that said, I have to make sure I stay focused, take a shorter lunch break and really enjoy the moments to come.

A particular situation I will remember is having the opportunity to set up a drum kit and re-organize the Fuchs showcase room. This area, filled wall to wall with amps and awards, is the first thing you see when walking into the shop. Talk about making a first impression. The same place many artists, such as Al DiMeola and Jimmy Herring would hang out and talk about life and music with owner Andy is now a place for other artists and staff to play music. This introduces a whole new way to entice current and prospective players to come into the shop and test the product in a live music environment. Who knows what amazing drummer is going to play the same kit I revived out of parts in the corner of the shop. Regardless, I was able to leave behind a piece of what I do musically and hopefully Andy will appreciate the new look when he returns from Soundcheck in Nashville.

After accomplishing all this in one week, I now have four weeks left to play with some of the guys, Andy and hopefully someone big. The one thing they don’t know about me is that I am actually a drummer and this is the perfect time and place for me to shed light on what Berklee is all about. Being the only one among all the technical blues and rock guitarists, is a reason, in my mind, to stay onboard. Nevertheless, the shop will be busy and creating the moment is going to be hard with phones ringing and people working. I am hoping something will spark on a Friday where we can cut loose and unwind from a long week of craziness with some wholesome jamming.



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Mike Cavalli is a prospective graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Business Management. Along with playing drums and guitar, Mike has spent countless days in vans playing and managing up-and-coming bands as well as recording and producing. Mike is currently finalizing his Berklee experience as an intern at Fuchs Audio Technologies, a company that creates phenomenal boutique Guitar amplifiers and pedals, and has hopes to one day run a shop just as successful.

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