Berklee Blogs checks in with Florenza Campos, Brazilian-born singer-songwriter, Professional Music major and freshly minted intern at Universal Music Latin. We’ll check in periodically with Florenza as she shares her lessons and insights from Miami as one of the Office of Experiential Learning’s veteran interns

When I got back from my spring break in beautiful Toronto, I had a lot of jobs as the pick-up and delivery girl. Tickets and packages had me running back and forth like crazy from the office in the 80-degree humid Miami weather. I had at least two every day, so it was pretty hectic. At least I got a good workout, right?

Although I did not get to go to the Ultra Festival in Miami, I did attend a Winter Music Conference panel, and was later invited to go VIP to the International Dance Music Awards. It was truly an amazing experience to watch some of my favorite dance music artists perform and present awards so close to me. I was introduced professionally to everybody as an “A&R at Universal”, not an intern. That statement made me feel so assured that I might just have the best internship ever. Later that night, I celebrated with my boss at our famous karaoke spot once again. He’s got a pretty great voice as well!

Of course, the past week wouldn’t be complete without hundreds of demos and song submissions, and all the same errands and duties I have as an intern. A new project I was assigned was to research and get in touch with some of the best European DJs to add to our record pool database. I have been doing my best to push forward our new artist releases every week, to make sure they chart and get good remixes. (Not to mention, it’s nice to know that my song has been on the past couple of dance charts along with some Universal artists.)

It is pretty hard to believe that I am graduating in only a few more weeks, but it is definitely comforting to know that I may have landed a permanent place with Universal through my dedication and hard work.


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Brazilian born singer-songwriter Florenza started her musical passion at the age of 4, when she first heard her mom singing karaoke. Not knowing English yet, she would listen to and mimic the sounds of idols Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. After moving to Miami at the age of 8, she immediately began vocal lessons with Grammy Award-Winning voice coach and producer Jose Miguel Velasquez, who produced her first two demos. At 15, she was invited by legendary producer Rudy Perez, to sing background for over 25 Disney songs in Portuguese for Disney’s 100 Years of Magic in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2008, she recorded in Mix Studios in Miami, Florida, a song called “Love Me Forever”, produced and written by the Fliptones (Britney Spears, Lil Wayne), and Jason Derulo.
Her first album “Can’t Describe” is available on iTunes, along with the single “Heartbreaker” featuring remixes by The Krafters and Manny Lehman. All music was written by her and producer Sergio Marte, a fellow Berklee graduate. The “Heartbreaker” remixes have been charting top 10 for the past few months on the Latin Club Charts around the world. With that same single, she has won a spot in this year’s Songwriter’s Night at Berklee College of Music, and will be performing it at the Berklee Performance Center on April 9.

Florenza is at her final semester at Berklee, interning at and loving her job at Universal Music’s Latin Division in Miami, Florida until she graduates in May of this year.
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