Berklee Blogs checks in with Mike Cavalli as he settles into his internship at Fuchs Audio Technology, a boutique audio equipment company. Mike tells us about maintaining a feeling of excitement for the company you intern for.

Right now I am entering my 5th week at “Fuchs Audio Technology” and still, I am keeping the excitement as if it were my first day, alive to harness my full concentration while dealing with the large orders of guitar amps and pedals. The involvement necessary to complete a product successfully is very meticulous and requires a skill of patience and precision. Trying to keep this level of satisfaction while having to complete orders under a strict deadline is extremely stressful. However, showing the company that I can create “grade A” products in big numbers will only help my chances of guaranteeing a job post internship.

With that said, I feel that interns, in all ventures, should step up to the plate when things are at their craziest. This is a way to really prove your worth to the company and to shine over all the zombie employees that have been working there for ages suffering from the “day-job syndrome”. A company wants people who are excited to continue the growth of the name more than just people who help it along the way. This being a very overindulgent mentality, there are more times when you should be reserved. However, finding the right times to chip in ideas and showcase your worth will present themselves and bigger projects with more involvement become an everyday objective to achieving our big goal. 

Along with patience, be persistent and excited about what you are doing because like anything else, there will be times when life will drag for a bit when the thought of a new life crosses your mind. Regardless, like my father once told me,  “Shut up! And do the job!”  because there is nothing worse than a whiner.



Mike Cavalli is a prospective graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Business Management. Along with playing drums and guitar, Mike has spent countless days in vans playing and managing up-and-coming bands as well as recording and producing. Mike is currently finalizing his Berklee experience as an intern at Fuchs Audio Technologies, a company that creates phenomenal boutique Guitar amplifiers and pedals, and has hopes to one day run a shop just as successful.

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