Our year building our business (and not in a figurative way) was the most grueling, gut wrenching, defining moment of my life, and though I can’t speak for my business partner, Keith, I’m sure he’d say the same.

Last week, Keep The Edge Studios, our brand new recording studio in the heart of Quincy Center, was given the green light for full occupancy and operations by the city officials. WIN.

I know there’s a long road ahead, but things are looking up. We’re no longer dealing with carpenters and builders and questions about lighting fixtures and carpet samples. We’re dealing with musicians. Our folk. The folk that inspired our entire operation. We can now sit in a control room and look across 2000 square feet of beautiful hardwood and floor to ceiling windows and say “this is ours, we did it.” We can sit in our lounge, watch Netflix and drink coffee from our absurdly over-sized Keurig machine we were given for Christmas. Coffee’s bitterness seems to dissipate when you’re drinking it in a building that six months ago, was an empty concrete square. (Or maybe because I’ve just gotten used to the taste over the last few months).

We’ve gotten some press in the Patriot Ledger here. The article launched the business into the public eye and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. We’ve even been re-posted here as spearheading the start of arts redevelopment in Quincy Center. The Quincy 2000 collaborative is putting $1.6 billion into the city center, and we’re at the forefront. Even better, we now have our own very account with WB Mason (…same day delivery?! How is that even possible?). We’re really here and it’s really happening. Welcome to adulthood.

We’ve got some great projects on the horizon. Ones we’re really excited about and we hope to cultivate more of. Our ribbon cutting ceremony will be happening later this month with the Quincy Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Quincy and an open house will be the following weekend. I expect you all to be there!

Keep The Edge Studios is located at 1150 Hancock St, Lower Level Quincy, MA 02169, just across the street from the Red Line Quincy Center T stop. Featuring 2000 square feet of recording space, it’s the stand out recording facility on Boston’s South Shore with multiple iso rooms, a huge live room and two control rooms and unbelievable sight lines.

For photos of the studio visit Keep The Edge Studios flickr account: