Berklee Blogs checks in with Naiquisia Hensey,  a music business major wrapping up her internship at Velour Music Group, an artist management company based out of Brooklyn, New York. In the coming weeks, Naiquisia lets us in on a few tips she’s learned that make an intern’s life a lot easier.

When I started at Berklee in the Fall of 2007 I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do in the music industry. I loved singing and performing, but I felt there were so many aspects of the industry that I knew nothing about. How does it run, who operates it, and how do we change it were my main questions.  I declared my Music Business major in the summer of 2008 and upon seeing the requirements, I immediately became excited about the MB-495 internship. Finally in the fall of 2011 after walking in the commencement ceremonies in May, I began my MB495 internship at Velour Music Group.

Velour Music Group is a small management company based out of Brooklyn, New York. The management team performs managerial tasks for Kaki King, Raul Midon, Soulive, Lettuce and a number of other musical geniuses. These tasks range from social media campaigns, to tour planning and support, to the completion of albums.

Interning at Velour has been the biggest learning experience for me over the last four years and has given me a place to use all of the information that I gained from my courses at Berklee. In the last four months I have grown immensely as a musician, student, and music businesswoman as well as personally. Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share a few tips with you that may make your internship process a better learning experience and a possible job opportunity.

Check back here over the next few weeks for some helpful tips!