Berklee Blogs follows Marco Angelone, an international student from Milan, Italy as he continues his internship started last summer through Berklee at Notable Productions

Here at Notable Productions, we are involved in many different kinds of projects and in the past two weeks, among many other things (like mixing, naming cables, storing data) we’ve been working on a live recording for an Opera singer named Suzanne. So Dan and Ryan, another intern, recorded a live performance of hers along with video from two cameras.

Suzanne told us this recording was for an audition at an Opera school she is applying for, which requires a video presentation as part of the audition. Our goal was to mix the audio recording onto the video footage and we decided to use Final cut pro X for this. My task was to import, edit and divide those videos of the performance and mark beginning and end points of songs. Then take on the bigger task of matching the audio to the independent videos that we got from the video cameras.

The only problem for me was dealing with the latest version of Final Cut pro X (10.0.1). Dan bought Final Cut last week because he wanted me to use the newest version of it but I had many problems with it. Last week, I spent 2 hours at the phone with an Apple Guy trying to understand what was wrong with the program. In fact, I lost the project twice through no fault of my own- but in the end I figured out that Final Cut pro X automatically saves and understood the critical difference between events and projects.

The Apple Guy showed me what to erase in the Final Cut library to prevent the program from saving automatically and we had a chance to catch up and talk about video editing. It was very nice to get his viewpoint on it and learn something new.

Stay tuned.


My name is Marco Angelone. I come from Milan (Northern Italy) and have a diploma in Accountancy with a specialization in “Staff Administration”. I started playing in 2002, but I really started to study guitar with a private teacher in 2006 which was my last year of high school. In March 2008, I auditioned for Berklee in Dublin. In May 2008 I got accepted.

It was not easy for me to deal with all these new lessons in music, software and technology, but coming here was one of those things that I had to do in order to go forward in my personal and professional life. Here at Berklee I am studying Contemporary Writing and Production, because I love to write music. Last spring I said to myself, “Everybody is talking about internships, but what are they exactly?”

I went to the Office of Experiential Learning and I found out everything about them. So I started working things out with my coordinator and the rest is history. In June I started my first Internship at a recording studio in Watertown called Notable Productions.