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This has been a couple weeks full of newfound challenges. I feel that it is, more than anything, an indication of the trust I have earned from the people at the studio, regardless of the difficulties.

At the beginning of last week, a very big, well-known band rented out the studio for some live tracking. In addition to fulfilling my internship duties by being the butt of every one of their jokes, I also was required to set up and tear down a large room’s worth of instruments and microphones for live tracking purposes. The tearing down of this equipment, three days after set up, was performed solely by me. No help, no assistance, no nothing.

While this might sound like I feel bitter towards the studio for making me do this all on my own, the truth is that the task became an indication of how much I have learned over these past few months. Putting away the massive amounts of equipment alone was definitely daunting, but not once did I feel doubtful in my abilities. I knew where everything went, the proper process in which to disconnect all the microphones, and how to handle all the gear as I was getting ready to put it back in its proper place. This is something I would have NEVER been able to do on my first day, let alone my first month.

It seems that the days of asking questions and constantly seeking approval are slowly falling behind me. I am still very eager to know about my performance on a day-to-day basis, but for the majority of the time I can confidently do these things on my own without asking how to do them.

The worth of an internship is starting to become apparent. It is not about the lack of payment or recognition; it is about picking up on skills that will become invaluable not only in my career choice, but also in my professional life in general. I would recommend that anybody questioning whether an internship is right for them should suck it up and go for it. And for those who choose to, I will not lie in saying that it’s easy, but take it from me that the rewards reach far beyond those of almost anything else I’ve done thus far in my short life.


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Joshua Kipersztok, fifth semester at Berklee, is a student of Electronic Production and Design. His principal instrument is guitar but is currently interning at Bear Creek Studio on the other side of the country near Seattle, Washington. This has been a very exciting experience, as many notable artists have gone to record there (including, but not limited to The Fleet Foxes, Soundgarden, The Strokes, and the Foo Fighters). Joshua hopes to adequately share his experiences interning at this incredible facility through the Berklee Internship blog, and hopefully give the average Berklee student an idea of what it takes to conduct oneself in a musically-based professional environment.

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