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Ivan Lins Meets Berklee

Hello!!! My name is Marcella Camargo and I’m a 9th semester, dual major in Performance and CWP. I transferred from the BIN School in Brazil, where I’m from, and started my classes here in fall ’09.

When I first heard about that Ivan Lins ( was coming to Berklee I was really excited, he is such a well-known musician in Brazil and around the world. I knew that I had to be part of this. Luckily I was selected to be one of the background singers.

From the start it was already really amazing. All rehearsals were led by Matt Nicholls and Oscar Stagnaro, and as a CWP major I got to learn so much about arranging, how to be a good conductor, producer and professional musician. We would have 4-hour rehearsals planned but which at the end would last only 2 or 2:30 hours. For 13 songs, I say that’s impressive! =) The whole band, consisted entirely of students was so committed that it made the rehearsals much easier and fun to go through.

Ivan Lins joined us in the last few rehearsals. On the first one he attended, he got there towards the end and got to listen to us playing a few of his songs. It was surreal. He loved everything and even though he was tired from his trip (he had just arrived in Boston), he was still cool to hang with us after we were done, telling us a little bit more of his life.

On Monday he held a clinic at 1140 building and then that night we had our first official rehearsal with him. As a singer it was amazing to learn from how he interprets his songs. It was cool to understand how his mind worked as a song-writer, where some songs came from, and even if they had no lyrics, there was still so much meaning and importance to it. He would also have such a good vibe and for us it was awesome to finally have him there performing his songs.

On Wednesday, five other students and I had the opportunity to sit down with Ivan Lins and Berklee President Roger Brown as they met for the first time. We got to tell Mr. Brown how everything was going so far, not only with the Ivan Lins rehearsals but also a little of our Berklee experience. Being from the same country of Ivan Lins it was funny to realize that from all places we get to meet here in Boston!

The performance at BPC was so mind-blowing. To see it finally happening made me so excited! Everyone was really focus in performing the best they could, but also having fun, which I think is part of what Ivan Lins wants from his songs. Again, the vibe was so uplifting and I felt so honored to be part of it.

I’m very grateful that Berklee has been organizing the Signature Series and allows students to be part of unique experiences. Also, I can’t finish this without thanking: Matt Nicholls, Oscar Stagnaro and LMCC.

Have a great week!!!



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  1. Such an amazing experience. Congratulations Marcella!

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