Nate Morton ’94 is living the dream. He currently performs with Cher at The Coliseum at Ceasar’s Palace and is also in the house band for daytime talk show, The Bonnie Hunt Show. Morton has been touring and teaching since the early 90’s and continues to build his career as a professional musician. He is currently a Pearl, Remo and Zildian sponsored drum clinician.

Morton was touring with The Voice this summer and took time out of his busy schedule to sit down and have dinner with some students. The students had a great time and had amazing things to say about this awesome Berklee experience.

“The trip was awesome.  It was a great opportunity to talk to a working professional and get their take on the industry.  It was also a lot of fun to see the show and even to just hang out with Nate.  He was a real awesome person.  Thanks again for the opportunity Berklee!”

-Dennis Suozzi (current 5th semester student)

“Nate was insightful and humorous all together! Seeing Nate perform live on stage was like “Wow”. I didn’t want him to stop playing! I really held on to what Nate said, that he has not “arrived” yet. It was an honest statement that I will never forget. We are always evolving in our gifts and successes in life. This experience is just the beginning in helping me shape my own career path. Thanks Nate!”

– Alumna, Matt Williams ’11

“Meeting Nate Morton was refreshing because he was so humble, and he was excited to talk to the students and give his insights on how to have a successful career as a drummer. I think it meant a lot to the students that he is an accomplished, well-seasoned professional, and yet he gave he replied to them as if they were on his level already. His playing was powerful and steady, and he’s really great at accompanying the singers, and at the same time shining his bright spirited playing on stage.”

-Alumna, Evan Baughman ’07