Sue Buzzard is a violinist from the east coast currently interning with The Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, CA through the Office of Experiential Learning *

(From Wednesday)

Finding credentials for people is hard. Sometimes. This weekend…I can’t even begin to attempt to predict what the weekend will be like. Singing showtunes under my breath and hiding in my office after delegating my volunteers has kept my head on straight for the most part.

It’s not as if my sanity is hanging by a thread. More like, I don’t feel as sure of my footing for the actual festival weekend as I’d like to.  But Karin and Greg have both helped me keep tasks in perspective.

One: you can only do so much. If we don’t have your documents, we don’t have your documents. Now, I hate leaving another person’s problem unsolved, but as it was pointed out to me, “we did our job and it’s all we can do. It’s [the distributor’s] problem now.” So, learn to live with it.

Two: don’t blame yourself for the lack of jobs to be filled. If there’s nothing on your plate to delegate to volunteers, shuffle someone off to another department to help out. No harm done. Here at the fest, lots of things need to be put together and moved and set up and what have you. So it’s necessary to place help where needed.

Three: take lots of candid photos now, because during the weekend, you’ll have zero time. This point I failed on a little bit today…but later! Later I shall succeed.

Four: drink water. Am I right, ladies?

And that’s good for now.

I’m staying across the street at the travelodge, and last night I didn’t finish assembling stage binders until 11:00. Then I cleaned up a few other things and headed off a little before midnight. Ahhhh, a hard day’s work. Today I have a bit more time in the evening. It’s only 6:30 and I think I’m done for the day. What to do now?!?!

Here is a picture of the Jimmy Lyons stage in the main arena:

Jimmy Lyons Stage on opening day

Fancy, eh?!

*Reposted with permission from Sue Buzzard


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Sue Buzzard is a warrior of the acoustic string music revolution. Following her studies in classical and jazz music techniques in her hometown of Buffalo, NY, she studied a plethora of violin sounds at The Berklee College of Music.

Sue graduated with a double degree in Violin Performance and Professional Music in the spring of 2010, and has since been performing and seeking more ways to bring string music to the masses through production and education. Sue is on faculty at The Rivers School Conservatory in Weston starting this fall, where she will teach Jazz Violin.