Down again at the sun-sprayed dock of the ICA for another awesome show. This week: Emily Elbert and friends take the stage.
Fun was the word that kept popping into my mind throughout the evening as I watched Emily play. She and everyone she was playing with had a face of enjoyment as they played together. This was not something that went unnoticed by the rest of the crowd. Everyone in the audience seemed to absorb that same energy and bounce along with each song.

For me, the show was great. I got to hang out with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while (aka Maria as seen below) and really get to sit back and not run around as I often have to at many of the shows I attend.

For Emily, it was a long day, but she didn’t bat an eye. She had a show at Kendall Square that afternoon, and even got to the ICA early, rehearsing a few quick tunes with the violinist of the group, who by chance was an amazing player, utilizing a lot of effects pedals to make a more unique sound. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a violin so much in a really long time.

(the same song (below) as one of her most popular youtube vids, check that out HERE!)

Between the jams, the covers, and the solo originals, Emily and her gang were able to put on a very tight show. The views, per usual, were tremendous, the food spectacular, and the drinks flowing. The ICA has the venue down, and the Berklee cats have never failed to impress, so it’s hard to have to bad Thursday night down by the water.

The feeling of the evening was mirrored by the look on Emily’s face (below). If you haven’t checked this incredible chick out then you are sorely missing out. More of her music can be found at her website, HERE! or just type in her name to google, you’ll find her 🙂

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