Just a short ride away from the harbor of Boston, Zac Zinger and Friends performed on Spectacle Island last Sunday. With some thunder threatening and people crowding in the tent, the show went better than anyone could have hoped!

The scene from the ferry was beautiful. A view of Boston that is so pretty can only be viewed from this spot. The scenery alone would have been enough to get me on this island. It’s clean, well maintained, with paths leading to the highest point of any of the harbor islands.

The island visitors took to the music quickly. The whole population seemed to come right from the boat to the tent. Zac’s band was slightly impromptu. Originally there was another band playing, but in the cluth, Zac came through, friends and all. They played as if they had been practicing for months and yet had only been contacted to play the show hours before. The great show only spoke to their true musicianship. I was really impressed and all those I spoke to about the show were doubly so.

Zac is a great guy and a great musician. While he had a nice laid back attitude, that did not keep him from having a very professional performance. In terms of producing and setting up a show, there is no better musician to work with. Playing a variety of instruments in a variety of styles, there was no stale moment of the show. I’ve seen him before and I had no less of a great time seeing him again. While I don’t know what setting exactly Zac will garner his fame in, I feel as though he will have many different options to do so. 

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