Zac was a kid who I met in one of my first semesters at Berklee through a few friends of mine. Oddly enough, two of those friends just happen to be in this band with Zac. Alex and Kellan, you guys rock.

To say that these guys tore up the courtyard at the Regattabar is an understatement. The place was filled. All the seats were taken and people still had a hard time finding a place to stand. People walked around with their gourmet burgers, cold beer and nice wine, but what they stayed for was the music.

I have a hard time describing exactly what type of music these guys play. Sure, plenty of jazz, latin, and rock influences but there was something else that I couldn’t put my finger on. Watch the video (above) to see what I’m talking about.

Besides that these guys are friends to me, I hope they will continue to play together so that I may see them play again. With everyone in the group hailing from different parts of the country I can only hope that they enjoy playing together as much as I enjoy listening.

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