Last thursday was the first of many shows this summer down at the ICA. A mixture of Tubby Love, Eric Robertson, and a few friends took the stage to perform in front of one of the largest crowds I have seen yet.
The day started off nice. There was more or less a warm up show at Kendall Square that morning. While my boss had been out of the country, I not only got to go to some shows, but I also had a more in depth role in making sure they went off without a hitch. Besides some timing issues, a case of the missing sign, and some very minor issues, the day went perfect. The morning show was great and then only got better towards the end of the day at the ICA.

this is how the day started

and this is what it became

What is really interesting about Tubby and Eric is that they are able to share the stage in very fair and efficient way. They introduce each other, they complement each other, and they each know when to step back and then the other take a moment in the spotlight.

We have beautiful skies and beautiful views to use as a backdrop to our carved out stage. The ICA has so much seating that it is impossible not to have a good view in front of you. Take your pick of the big bleachers, the small seats, or grab some food and a glass of wine and get a table. Either way, just sit down and enjoy and let the music wash over you.  

As much as they shared the stage, Tubby and Eric also brought to the stage a few friends as well.

Overall, it was a great day. While it was longer than any day I had experienced to date, I enjoyed it the most by far. I’m very excited to go back down to the harbor and hear more music next week!

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