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Silvina Moreno: In the Midst of Fear, a Peace of Mind

Today we got free lunch.

The company organized a pizza party for the interns from every department. Not only was the pizza delicious (and I wish I got an extra slice), but also the lunch was a perfect opportunity to meet many people at our company from different departments. I was hoping we would go around and tell everyone who we are and what we were doing there. We were all chit-chatting and I was wondering if these presentations would even happen.

I really wanted to get to know these people more, and talk about their careers, give myself some peace of mind. Until finally the VP of client services spoke up and suggested that they all explain how these people got to where they are now. I immediately yelled: “Yes!!!”, I jumped out of my seat and gave him a high-five.

This whole lunatic reaction, of course, was just in my head.

I learned that most of the employees at my company started as interns, and some of them in several places, and this gave me strong reassurance. It felt amazing to hear that these people went through similar feelings to the ones that I am going through everyday: stress, fear, worry, anxiety or desperation. They all know what the uncertainty of not knowing where your life is heading is, and it took all of them a while to figure their careers out.

First of all, today I can confidently say I am so thankful that I chose this company as my internship site, because this is the kind of cool company that will host a lunch for the interns and thank us for our tedious, hard work. This quick lunch, which might have been simple or mundane to the regular employees, made some of my more difficult days suddenly and altogether worthwhile .

Second, I really appreciate that these people took the time to sit down with us and talk about what the company does, how it came to be, and how important and influential our jobs are in the industry. My company is very forward thinking- it aims for the future of the industry and it has one of the most appealing assets of all: it works globally. It recognizes international markets and establishes relationships with them in order to further expand their services and bring their model to adapt it to foreign markets as efficiently as possible.

Good stuff. Good learning process. When it was my turn to speak I chose to present myself mainly as a musician. I decided to be completely honest about my intentions, and explained my strong fear of not knowing how to go about finding a “real job” and/or making music. One of the leading employees that signs labels and artists to the company told me he was a working musician for over ten years, and he said “you have to get to know your business!”.

I thought he was completely right. I mentioned that, although music is what I already know I love to do, I have discovered that I am very capable of all these other things through my marketing internship. I am still not quite sure where all of this will take me. I am still in the midst of figuring it out. Today I feel happy. The only downside of this happy feeling? Deadly August is approaching, which means now I need to find a job. But you know what? I won’t let my annoying little brain ruin this moment for me. At least not today.

Yes, I will figure it out, like they all said. Yes, it takes time. So, we might as well enjoy the ride

Shall we?


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Silvina Moreno is a singer/songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Songwriting and Music Business at Berklee College of Music. She loves to perform and write songs. Her music is a mix of alternative pop in English and Spanish with some Latin rhythms and tango. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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