Day 4 was our last day tracking vocals.  We recorded 3 tunes today, and now have all ten.  Tomorrow will be designated to recording overdubs.  The special treat for today was recording a 30 piece childrens choir.  The choir is associated with is Haiti Partners, Directed by Alex Myril and we recorded in its founders home.

Today we left Haiti.  All of the necessary recording for the album was done plus some overdubs.  It was a great experience being there, and the people that I was with made it what it was.  Our friends from Life is good Kids Foundation made all of the tasks we needed to take care of easy, from transport to lodging to food.  The musicians performed well for each of their compositions and were very open to suggestions and the arrangements Will made.

Will Wells was the best person to be on the project.  Not only due to his professional skills with arranging, performing , interpersonal and engineering skills,  but because he really cares about making this the best project he has done to date.  “This is the most important project I have worked on to date.”