How does on prepare for a trip to Haiti?  There are shots, articles, conversations you have with people that have and have not been there…. How does one prepare for producing artists you have never met before?  Listen to their music, try to catch their vibe, email, skype, and learn their tunes.

This is what we went through before arriving.  Today is day 2 in Haiti.

Our first day was filled with traveling, leaving Boston at 10am and arriving in Port-au-Prince (PAP) at 2pm, leaving from the airport of PAP to the hotel via unpaved roads, leaving from the hotel to a local’s home for dinner.  The evening ended in us meeting the musicians we would be working with for the next week.

Day 2 was our first day of work in Haiti.  We arrived at the studio at 9am, and started tracking at 10am.  Will is going to be the studio engineer.  He was able to coach the artists through the arrangements he did and discuss with them new approaches to the vocal technique.  This is a rough recording of Rebel’s tune, Tout Bagay.

The day ended with us 2 tunes into a 10 track cd.   We have 4 more days to complete the main vocals for the project.