Today we check in with Silvina Moreno, a Songwriting and Music Business major learning the ropes of music marketing in NYC. Keep checking in as Silvina periodically updates us on intern life in the Big Apple

My name is Silvina, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am an intern in the marketing department of a very successful music digital distribution company in New York City. Finding this internship was not an easy task, but it was definitely something worth going through. I applied to fifteen different companies and got three answers for phone interviews. My phone interviews went well enough, so I decided to use my Spring Break to head down to New York to meet these people in person. If you get the chance, always meet your employers in person- it makes a world of difference and it can bring great results!

I put a lot of thought into preparing for these interviews. I had to be sharp and very aware of each detail. Of course, the first one was awkward, clumsy and basically horrible; I am not a native English speaker and would stumble upon sentences. But then I relaxed. I started to understand what kind of questions these people would ask, and what kind of answers were the best to give. I also learned that it is very important to be able to recognize where I could see myself working.

That is a tough one. Many of us Berklee peeps are so much in love with music and in my case, I can sometimes get stubborn and think to myself, “how could I be doing anything else (but music),” as if I were betraying my passion. But it’s a great thing to acquire new skills in the music business field, or in any other field for that matter!  I know that the actual “work” will not be the most exciting thing in an internship, but I look forward to absorbing as much as I can, generate good connections, stay positive and enjoy city life.

I must say, I am terrified. I wish to pursue a career as an artist, but I also want to pay my bills. So yes, it can get tricky. “You need to pay your dues” is what Bobby McFerrin said to us when he visited Berklee. This is simply true. I do not love working for free but I trust the fact that this is all part of my education as a well-rounded artist. I trust that one day I will be making a living out of what I love, but until then, this is my challenge and as any Argentinian would say, I intend to “leave it all at the playing field”.



Silvina Moreno is a singer/songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Songwriting and Music Business at Berklee College of Music. She loves to perform and write songs. Her music is a mix of alternative pop in English and Spanish with some Latin rhythms and tango. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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