On a cool day with slightly daunting weather, Berklee’s World Jazz Octet warmed up Salem with a set of spicy written and improvised music.

The Berklee World Jazz Octet features Berklee students from Canada, Mexico, Lithuania, Pain, Israel, and the US. On May 14th, the group kicked off the summer concert series with a terrific show in Salem, MA. Eight amazing artists took to the brick laden stage, bewitching a chilly audience to watch and listen intently. While hands may have been buried in coat pockets, that did not stop the dramatic applause after each number. Even though the group has more than just a few members, they deftly maneuvered through each song, improvising with superior tact. The improv throughout the entire show was possibly the best part of the show. It kept the crowd engaged and close, waiting for the next note to be played. This is a group to see, again and again, knowing what you hear will be different every show.