WBUR Spring Festival at the Community Rowing Boathouse in Brighton MA

So I showed up early to the beautifully constructed boathouse, enjoying the views before my day began. For the summer, I, Zach Wales, am working as an intern, covering shows such as this as part of the Summer in the City concert series.

The day couldn’t have been prettier. Cool in the shade with the breeze of the Charles and invigoratingly hot in the sun. So invigorating, I forgot to put on my suntan lotion and looked like a crab by the end of the day. The music started right around noon with Dylan McDonald & Co. For anyone who loves good blues and soul, this is a band you have to check out. With amazing vocals and stunning guitar solos, a tight rhythm section and a top shelf horn trio to boot, held down the band. Sadly during the set, they were interrupted by the host of WBUR’s Morning Edition and lost a little time of their set, but I’m sure it could have only gotten better. Next came Alicia Lemke (pronounced uh-lee-C-uh) who let out some of the sweetest airy pop music that had people humming the tunes only minutes after she played them. Going back and forth between acoustic guitar and ukulele, backed by keys and drums, she made some very light hearted music extremely interesting. She sings the type of songs you could very easily place into the background of a movie. After sweet Alicia, came Tubby Love and Eric Robertson. Eric stems from bluegrass and Tubby from reggae, combing into something that takes no effort to groove to. The two boys had jut gotten back from an east coast tour, all the way down to Key West and back, making many stops and friends along the way. They both have very clear, unique voices that blend together for great harmonies that were exemplified in their few acapella tunes.

Lastly, came a teacher of the last two groups, Livingston Taylor. I have seen Livingston before and he did not fail to impress. His show seems to be though up on the spot, yet he makes it flow seamlessly. He has the gift of gab. Liv is able to talk and talk, about everything or nothing at all, but either way you can’t help but be fixed on his voice, waiting anxiously for the next word. One of the funniest parts of his show was a little boy who decided that Livingston’s music was awesome dance/runaround music and Livingston played right in, sometimes speaking directly to the little boy.

I may have left sunburned and tired, but my spirit felt refreshed. Basking in great music all day does a soul a lot of good. It didn’t hurt that in the line of small tents where vendors were able to setup were myriad free samples of local goodies. Sometimes while enjoying a beautiful day there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Check out some of the band interviews and tunes on the Berklee College of Music Youtube Channel

Whether or not I am covering this event in the future, I think I’ll save the date.