Hold on! You’re saying I have to spend my morning outside, on a beautiful day, in a stunning courtyard, listening to to awesome music……. I love this job. On June 7th, the Berklee Lunch Sessions at the Prudential Center was kicked off by none other than Megan Lui.

This was a great show. Everything was perfect from the slight breeze and the warm sun to way the PA was sweetly amplifying Megan’s smokey soft vocals. Backed by drummer, Dan Drohan, (the same gentleman who drummed for Alicia Lemke) each tune was kept right on track, never overpowering the single guitar strummed by Megan. A mixture of folk and soul, peppered with sweet yet haunting melodies, it was hard to take my eyes and ears off these two.┬áSadly, this was not the full band on stage, but honestly I would not have known if Megan herself had not told me. It was as if they had prepared these duo orchestrations for months and months Regardless, I will definitely be checking this band out when they are all together.

To here more of Megan Lui’s music with the full band and to find out where she’s playing next, check out her Myspace or at her Official Website.