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Onsite in New Orleans

Joe learns to smooth cement.

Greetings from New Orleans, and Berklee’s 5th Annual Gracenotes trip with Habitat for Humanity! We just finished our first day onsite at 1839 Allen Street in the 7th Ward, where we’ll be spending our next 5 days.

1839 Allen Street

After some background info about Habitat for Humanity and the Musicians’ Village, and a brief safety lecture, we got right to work. Since the house we’re working on already has a foundation and structure, we’ll be doing landscaping and interior work this week. So we started with learning how to mix and pour cement for the front steps:

After lunch, we moved onto other building and painting tasks. My big accomplishment for the day was learning to use a circular saw without losing a finger. Gilly’s tool of choice was the sledgehammer:

We left tired and sunburned, but energized – can’t wait to see what we’re in for tomorrow!

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  1. Roya

    2011 NOLA Team is rocking! Keep up the great work!

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