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Inspiration in Freiburg

It’s amazing what unfamiliar territory can do for the creative juices. Take, for example, living in a foreign country. That’s the effect living in Freiburg has had on Will Park, a second semester vocalist/guitar player.

He’s found songwriting inspiration for new material while in Freiburg and traveling to other European countries. One favorite spot is Aspekt café, where he wrote “Feeling Good Again.”

“Being abroad really opened my mind,” he says. “When I first came to Germany, I didn’t know what to expect. . . In the beginning, it was a culture shock. I absorbed it, but it was hard to spit it back out.”

“Then instead of being a tourist, I started to relax and really absorb the day. . . From there I was able to slowly spit it back out.”

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  1. Linda Totten

    Great Youtube of Will Parks. It really is amazing how feeling relaxed can lend to creativity.
    Freiburg looks so quaint in this Youtube.Although a new language can be overwhelming and lend to culture shock, a quaint area such as Freiburg lends itself to adjusting to both a new language and culture. You really arose my curiosity of what Will Parks creation “Feeling Good”. Really got a feeling of Will Parks experience At school in Freiburg.Great article.
    Take Care,Linda

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