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It’s me once again and this time I promise I will try to be brief. I’m just so excited to tell you about my great internship experience here at Blue Microphones. Well, this time there is not going to be any life lessons or morals to my narration. Just wanted to share with you the amazing experiences and encounters I had with visitors at Blue studios.

The week of Feb 28th was extremely fun and busy here at Blue. We had artist visits almost every day. These ranged from established bands such as Hello Goodbye, to up and coming ones like The Yes Team. We also had well known engineers like Tony Maserati, composers/producers like David Das, to artsy musician, painter and poet Joseph Arthur. Enough with name-dropping, let’s get down to more details.

Well, honestly, what else could an intern ever ask for? I got to sit in with all these artists at the studio, have lunch with them, and hear them talk about their lives, careers, future projects, and goals. That to me is more than enough right there. It is just so inspiring to listen to some of the stories that these accomplished individuals have to share.

Joseph Arthur for example is a unique character. A couple weeks ago my boss sent me over to a famous LA music venue/art gallery named the Bootleg Theater to watch a show and give him feedback on the artist performing. Little did I know that I was going to encounter such a remarkable human being that night. Joseph, as mentioned before, is a singer-songwriter, but not your average one. Not only does he sing, but he also paints and “slams” poetry at his fans. He is the perfect example of a true “artist”.

Well, last week he stopped by our studio. We got to record three tracks with him and then a 45-minute Podcast. This was not an average podcast either! Joseph and host Tyler Barth (my boss) shared some interesting stories, music and thoughts. It was so cool to be a part of this. You see? Internships can be fun!!!! There are moments of hard work and others of deep satisfaction. But no matter what these moments are about, just make the most out of them. You never know if you will ever get the chance to share lunch with Tony Maserati.

This is all I got to share for now. I honestly have been so busy with all these artist visits that I haven’t had a chance to think much. I just wanted to give you all a quick update.

Thanks for tuning in!

Rafael Restrepo


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Rafael Restrepo is a CWP / Music Business & Management dual major at Berklee interning at Blue Microphone’s (studio) in LA for the Spring 2011 semester. Originally from Manizales, Colombia, Rafael is the recipient of a World Tour Scholarship and is set to graduate in May 2011. His favorite quote: “Choose carefully the things to which you give your attention. For where you place your attention is where your life will grow”.

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