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Berklee City Music at the Celtics Game

On Wednesday, March 9 the Boston Celtics played and unfortunately lost to the Los Angeles Clippers. Berklee City Music, however was privileged to be a part of the game. Four Berklee City Music students sang the national anthem led by vocal coach Nichelle Mungo, BCM Teacher, Clifford Weeks, was honored with the Celtics’ Heroes Among Us Award, and Curtis Warner and Dr. Krystal Banfield were presented with a generous donation at half time. Here are a few photo highlights from a fantastic evening.


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  1. Lynette Gittens

    Elle! what a great snapshot. I’m so proud of the work you all did. You reminded me of EnVogue. Remember them? If you don’t get familiar. You four ladies have something good happening. Nice blend, great look, and the crowd roared when you were done!

    Nichelle that’s what’s up. You can see your work manifest before you and be pleased because it was well executed.
    Hip Hip Hooray 3x and again.

  2. Elle Gomes-Almeida

    Thanks so much for everything, Lynette! It was so much fun. I’m glad it’s on the blog so that we can share City Music’s accomplishments with the world.

    Yes, I’ve heard of EnVogue and I refreshed my memory on who they are when you compared us to them. They’re awesome! I hope we can accomplish a lot together. Thanks so much to City Music because otherwise, the four of us would have never met each other and we would have never had the opportunity to form life-long bonds with other musicians our age!

    Thanks again!

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