LA Program Interns - Spring 2011

With the start of a new semester, the LA Internship Program welcomes the newest batch of interns. We have a more even split this spring with 3 male and 5 female students (the flip of the normal Berklee m/f ratio!). Some have already ventured out to LA hotspots such as Lopez Tonight, Sprinkles, and hiked up towards the Hollywood sign.

Also, they’ve all secured internship sites at amazing companies. Below is a partial list – we’re so excited to have Berklee students interning and living in LA!

Look for more from the LA interns as the work, play and study in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs posts! If you’re interested in participating in an internship, visit the Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) or find us on Facebook and Twitter (@berkleeintern).