Here are three quotes from three young gentlemen who attend Afro American Music Institute. The Institute is a network member of the Berklee City Music Network and thereby have access to the PULSE online curriculum. It is rewarding to hear feedback from students who use PULSE all the time and gain their perspective.

Simon Afro American

Hi! My name is Simon. I am 14, and I attend the Afro American Music Institute Berklee PULSE program. I really like the Berklee PULSE program. It is a fun and interesting class. My primary instrument is piano and I also play the electric bass. I love to play music.In the first year we used the study room a lot. We used it to watch videos and learn about things such as Form and Rhythm.
I liked it because I think that its fun to learn about theory. I also liked to watch the Rising Star videos because its good
to know whats ahead and what you could possibly do in the future.We didn’t look at the Listening room too much in class but at home I listened to some music such as “Crazy” and “Walk this Way.” It was fun to jam along with them. I really enjoy our ensemble. Our instructor Howie is always happy to see us and he makes the music even better. Its fun to learn and have fun at the same time. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to learn through Berklee. I hope that I will stay in the class for awhile and possiblyeven go up to the 5 week camp in Boston!

Hello my name is Austin, [not pictured] I’m twelve, in the sixth grade and this is my experience with Berklee Pulse Program:I think the study room is a good room because its testing me on what I know and it helps keep me to stay on beat and learn about sharps and flats. What I like about the the jam room is that there are interactive activities.  I love mixing up jams. I like the practice room because it gives me a chance to practice the video. It gives me great tips on how to play notes faster.  I like the listening room because it lets me look at my favorite videos that in like to watch the most. I love the ensemble because love just playing and i love it when i get guitar solos.

Hi my name is Thomas, and I have the honor of partaking in your berklee PULSE program.  I love this Berklee PULSE program! It builds my skills, opens me to more knowledge in this life force called music, and really betters me as a person. I love how we can come to our instructors and ask questions without feeling as though we are inadequate. A lot of times in music everyone’s so competitive. The teacher, the students, and everyone are always trying to prove themselves, but here we all are just here learning together. I love how we take on the courses of the study room. We all come together at times and work on them audibly and then we get to spend individual time as well, but I prefer the audible times. I love the ensemble times as well. We just have fun but learn the outer manifestations of the music we are playing. We get to use our tools or instruments to show the music we play that  we love it and appreciate just as it appreciates us notices it.