Bahama Village Music Teachers

As the website says, Berklee City Music Network is “a national network of institutions offering the Berklee PULSE™ music method to under-served teens at no cost to them.”

As a brand new network site, The Bahama Village Music Program is discovering the benefit of using the Pulse Music Method.

The Bahama Village Music Program is loving the PULSE website!  The students are really enjoying all the activities- especially the parts of song lesson and activity.  “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley is a huge hit among the students.  The kids really loved moving the parts of the song around and “messing it up.”  “Crazy” is a song they all recognize and the hardest part of my job is finding songs the students already know to get them jazzed up about playing.  Plus, I was really excited to introduce Duke Ellington’s C Jam Blues to the kids as an intro to the 12 bar blues and to show them how to improv with the Blues Scale.  Most of the younger students had never even heard of Duke Ellington!  That lesson was a great jumping off point for a wonderful discussion about blues structure and timing.  We have just started to explore the website but everyone is really excited to be able to use the PULSE lessons to expand our student’s musical education!  Thank you Berklee City Music Network!

Katchen Duncan: BVMP Program Director

I teach clarinet at the Bahama Village Music Program and I’ve been having a hard time getting my students into playing because they music they are playing isn’t anything they recognize. However now with the Berklee PULSE Music Program I have access to all kinds of resources that get my students excited to play and even practice. Parents have been telling me that they don’t have to nag their kids to practice anymore. They get home from a lesson and can’t wait to play again.The most popular resource is the music mixer. The music mixer gives the students an opportunity to experiment with the construction of sound and balance. They get most excited by the music they know and then venture out the music they don’t know. Through this fun and educational tool my students are learning about every style of music.

Chanice DosSantos: Clarinet teacher