Behind every concert at the Red Room there’s a superb team that makes every event look effortless. Our production team works passionately and in perfect sync to enhance the live-show experience. Theo Tasker, Crew Supervisor/Assistant Production Manager, is a crucial member of our team.

Javier Parra – Theo, tell us a little about youtself…
Theo Tasker – I started here in 2007, right out of high school. I was a bass performance major, but I ended up dropping that for MP&E, of which this is my last semester.

JP – What’s your role at the Red Room?
TT – I believe my official title is Crew Supervisor/Assistant Production Manager. I’m responsible for the production of shows at the Red Room, from advancing paperwork and set-ups with artists, to getting the room set-up and sound checking, to running the shows. I’m also responsible for training new crew members on our amazing equipment!

JP – Do you recall a particular challenge you faced during a show?
TT – For the most part, the shows are just a series of small problems. What really decides how challenging a night might be is how many things go wrong. Luckily, I can’t say there’s been any one challenge that’s stood above the rest.

JP – What has been your favorite show?
TT – That’s hard, there are so many good acts that come through. I’d say it’s a tie. The band Three I saw at the Red Room a few months before I started working there. I’ve worked two shows for the Barefoot Truth, and I can’t wait for them to come back!

JP – What’s next after you graduate?
TT – I’m moving to Nashville to become a session bass player.

JP – Any recent additions to your music library?
TT – I’ve been listening to a Berklee artist most recently, actually. Her name is Brittany Kennell, go check her out on Myspace. If I’m lucky she’s moving to Nashville too!

Interview by Javier Parra
Editorial and Media Assistant
The Red Room @ Cafe 939

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