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Berklee meets Scotland at the New Hampshire Highland Games

Berklee alumna Maureen McMullan, part of the Transatlantic Seaway Music Collaboration, performs at Berklee's Don Was tribute in 2009 (admittedly not a very Celtic event). Photo copyright Phil Farnsworth.

According to the color-coded schedule I got from Larry Bethune, VP for student affairs/dean of students, the two dozen? members of the Transatlantic Seaway Music Collaboration have just arrived at Loon Mountain for the New Hampshire Highland Games. It’s the debut of a collaboration between Berklee, the University of Strathclyde, and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, with support from Glasgow UNESCO City of Music.

The team includes:

6 Fiddle    4 Guitars    2 Pipes   2 Whistle

2 Clarsach    1 Banjo    1 Mandolin

2 Vocals    1 Keyboards   1 Accordion

1 Cello    1 Semi-bodhran

2 Multi-instrumentalists

That has got to be one loud bus.

What does Berklee have to do with Scotland? Apart from Larry’s history competing in the athletic portion of the games*… there’s a healthy representation of various Celtic music styles among students plus a number of premier Scottish-style alumni. Scotland also played an important role in the development of the U.S. roots music that’s so hot around the college these days.

If you’re a New Englander, come see us at the Games! The big TAC performance is 9 a.m. Saturday, but the musicians will be playing a number of other sets as well throughout the weekend. Also there are sheepdogs.

And now, the most important question… should I wear my kilt?

— Danielle

* No, really.


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  1. Brenda Pike

    Yes! And you must post pictures of it to the blog. The things you do for Berklee….

  2. Rob Shanks

    Got to see the Transatlantic Seaway on Sunday — y’all were great!! Hope the collaboration goes on & on.

  3. The TSC was the highlight for me of the NHHG’s. I had the good fortune to perform with a few of the TSC members and it was “great crac ” .

    Photo and u tune video link are on my web site.

    DId you find a kilt to wear ? I’m still looking for one as well .

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