Our 2010 Texas Tour is just now closing in on the first week, and it has been both crazy and an absolute blast!  While in Bowling Green, KY, Will and Corey performed an acoustic set on the Tony Rose morning radio show as the band prepared to perform on ABC 13 WBKO later that day, and Music City Cigar that night in Nashville.
Will Makar and the Red Line

After our adventures in Bowling Green and Nashville (including spending 2 nights at a huge mansion in Kentucky), we went back on the road to Houston, TX,  at 4am; however, we had a LOT of work to do the next day.  August 19th, Will woke up at 6am, waking up the band members one by one with his seemingly neverending vocal warm-ups.  We then went to FOTW, where we performed for 4,500 people, going on stage at 9am and powering through the inevitable sleepiness,  shortly before going on to Dosey Doe for our soundcheck there in The Woodlands, Tx.  After soundcheck at Dosey Doe, we went over to CPHS, performing for a crowd of almost 1,000, nearly selling out of many of our tour shirts.

Will Makar and the Red Line

The crowd there was so amazing, so receptive and energetic, and we had an awesome time!  After our packed out show at Dosey Doe last night, we took the band to Whataburger, where a few of the guys were treated to their first ever Whataburger experience!  WHAT!!!  Yep, that’s right…..these New England kiddos didn’t know what they’d been missing!  After shakes and burgers we went back to the house we were staying at where we did inventory on tshirts, CD sales, Berklee flyers, and absolutely CRASHED- it had been one rough day!

It might have been a long one, but we loved it!  Thanks to all the wonderful people who came out to see us play and met us afterword- it’s been fun!