Berklee rockers Will Makar and the Red Line are off on their summer tour of Texas, Missouri and Tennessee. Look here for blog posts from the band’s saxophonist and violinst Rhett Price, as they wind up their summer playing a slew of fun dates, building a fan base, and collecting road stories to share when they’re back at Boylston and Mass Ave.

Sitting backstage tonight in Berwick, PA., you could feel the intensity building inside of the band.  We nervously began looking from behind the curtains to view the growing audience as show time neared, each wondering to ourselves what everyone else was thinking.  Then the lights dimmed, and it was time to walk onto stage for the first time during our Summer 2010 Texas Tour.  As the crowd began to clap and yell in excitement, we each looked at each other with smiles, knowing that tonight was the start of something great.

Nearly two hours passed while we performed on that stage, yet the moment we ended the last song it seemed as though we had just began. News from our manager of record merchandise sales shocked us as we broke down the stage and began to prepare for our departure for Kentucky early the next morning.  We truly had a blast playing in Berwick, and can’t wait to get back to play in the area again in the future!

Thank you so much to Berklee College of Music, Double-Deal Brand Records, and our families, but most importantly to every person who has blasted our record in their stereos, told their friends about us, and shown everyone our music… are the whole reason we are able to do this! Thank you!


Will Makar & The Red Line