Welcome to the first installment of my series, 5 Cubed: 5 Incoming Students, 5 Days, 5 Questions! This week, I chatted with the lovely and talented vocalist, Nelli. Take a look!



Where are you from?
Helsinki, Finland

What’s your instrument?

Serious Question:
When did you have that defining moment when you knew you wanted to pursue music as more than a hobby, but a career?
Well, it was 1998. I was in Sound of Music the musical in Finland and I played one of the Van Trapp kids. So that was the moment for me. I knew that this is what I want to do, maybe on the stage like as a musical actress or just singing. But then I knew.

Silly Question:
What’s your favorite guilty pleasure song, artist or album? Something that you really like but wouldn’t necessarily want the faculty to know you enjoy?
That’s a hard one. Let me see….. I think that Beyonce’s Deja Vu is kind of my secret song.

So, if you see Nelli this week, please say hi! 🙂

– Elisa