It’s that time of year again when the OEL is busy with summer interns. Pictured below are the LA Program summer interns at their orientation. After meeting with their coordinator to review academic requirements (and enjoying a pizza dinner) the students headed out into the expansive city that is the LA world to intern for the next 12 weeks at various internship sites.

Jon, Bryant, Jon, Brian and Aaron at their LA Orientation May 2010

It’s an all male group this semester (and film scoring heavy to boot!) but LA is an excellent place for these students to flex their creative muscles. Jon is with Riptide Music, a music publishing company that is super pro-Berklee. Bryant is with a new site, alum Matthew Puckett. Jon (yes there are two of them this semester) is with another alum, Matt Lands, and his company InDaMix Inc. Brian is interning with Frank Fitzpatrick. Lastly, Aaron is at Wunderhorn Music (composer Klaus Bedelt’s company). They’re a fantastic group off to a great start!!