Katrina Bello, Summer 2010 London Program intern, writes about museums and open mics. More from Katrina here.

“Yesterday I had the day off from work, so I went to the British Museum. The building itself, beautiful architecture and HUGE! Highlights of the trip were seeing the actual Rosetta Stone, the Egyptian mummies (including cleopatra’s mummy! SO dope!), and some pretty impressive jewelry from English royalty. It took us about 3 hours to do the whole museum and we stopped to get a bite at Pizza Express, which is a chain of pizzerias here in London. My obsession with pizza was satisfied…highly recommend if your ever in the area!

Aside from the experience I’m hoping to gain on the business side, I have my eye on other things while here in London. Ive been going to open mics since the second week of our arrival. I’ve been to the same one in the Shoreditch/Hoxton area at what I would call a hidden gem – Troy Bar. Every Tuesday with a house band, people sign up and fill in a small intimate venue and sign up to sing a song of their choice. So, ive done that twice but today I went to a new spot called Queen of Hoxton. Caught the tube to Liverpool St and it wasn’t too far from there. Every Monday, Urban Development presents a performace platform under the nae of “I Luv Live.” It started with a showcase with about 5-7 acts doin a set of 3 songs or so. I signed up for the open mic portion where u get 60 seconds to do your thing and at the end the audience picks a winner to come back and open the show the following week. I got a great response and won!!! They liked me, they really liked me! So next week I get to perform there with a live band and all…conquering one open mic at a time!

I started my new internship today, which I wanna tell u about but im pooped. Class in the morning…byeee!”


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