On Tuesday night, we went to the Berklee Alumni/Pulse/Citymusic event and the world-famous Tipitina’s nightclub. There we were treated to some excellent music by a group of superb young musicians led by New Orleans sax stalwart Donald Harrison.These kids, some as young as 12, laid down some righteous funk, helmed by Harrison- on piano!  Featured was a young trumpet player who- at age 13 and in 7th grade- had the spirit and sound of trumpet great Freddie Hubbard.  Incredible!  Then we had a Q & A session about Berklee for the young musicians and their families, and then Jeri and I jammed with the group.  Lots of fun.  I had hoped to have audio to post, but technical difficulties rendered that impossible.  And so to bed and then today’s adventure… landscaping!

We started with an 18 cubic yard pile of sand, a pallet of sod and a front yard filled with slag (that’s hardened concrete scraps and spills), scrap wood and weeds, and finished with…. a beautifully finished front yard, and no sand to be seen! It was a sight to behold, which hopefully you will, when Tyler posts his photos.  After the sod was down, and there was still an impressive pile of sand, we went to work shoveling the sand underneath the house- a grueling task.  This is because the spaces between the foundation cinder blocks had to be above grade, to prevent water from pooling and breeding mosquitoes.  Phewww.  Kudos to those who went under the house to do that- unable to stand straight, dodging water pipes and the like…  I myself opted to shovel the sand into wheelbarrows, then do some miscellaneous carpentry tasks for Pete, our fearless Habitat leader.  That’s all for now- more later…..

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