Mark Campbell, associate VP for enrollment, reflects on the challenge and rewards of communication.

Effective communication leads to understanding, awareness and appreciation of similarity and difference.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get across your meaning, or to hear another’s intent. It’s a never-ending challenge; listen well, speak clearly.

Funny. . . but it does get the point across!

In coming to China, our approach has been to listen intently and focus on understanding first. We are here to learn. At the same time, music provides a common medium to share, to understand… to feel.

Monday, at the end of a wonderful dialogue, one senior leader at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy summed it beautifully with our group, noting, “After all… we are musicians. We can always communicate.”

As we continue our trip, now in Shanghai, we are thrilled by the effective communication of our hosts who have been so willing to share their insight and knowledge about the music world of China. Our effort to understand continues….

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