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Day two is winding down, but surprisingly, my mind is still going at a frantic pace of $1000 loan online. With no Dunkin Donuts since early Monday morning, I’m puzzled at the amount of energy I still have. The vibrancy of New Orleans and excitement our team definitely helps.

We traveled to our worksite today, only to be redirected back to the 9th Ward where the team was last year. Upon arrival, we quickly went over all the safety guidelines and got right to work. I had mixed expectations on the level of construction skill our team would have, but after just a few minutes, everything seemed to fall into place. Michael and I were quick to lend our advice on hammering nails and now Roya, Sally and Laurie can hammer like there’s no tomorrow.

Our first job was to put up siding on the front of the house. This ended up going much faster than anticipated and we had most of the siding finished before noon. Lunch was a most pleasant treat thanks to Roya’s excellent planning. The food was delivered in little brown boxes with our name affixed to the side. The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing up siding, caulking and nailing. We were lucky enough to meet a few fellow volunteer workers from New Hampshire. It’s such a wonderful experience to hear the stories of other folks working alongside you. The sense of camaraderie is only augmented as the day progresses. My workday ended with an air-conditioned ride back to the hotel and then an hour long swim in the pool. Rumor has it that there may be landscaping and/or insulating in store for us tomorrow. For anyone who’s every had to deal with insulation, they know it’s far from pleasant.

We’ll see what tomorrow holds!

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  1. Chub/Celeste

    Sounds like your having a blast trying new food and using your carpentry skills. We like how you took the picture of Andrew Jackson in your hand. Keep us posted on your progress.

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