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Young Guitarist from Lawrence Music Clubhouse

Here’s a video I shot of  Wilfredo Gomez playing an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, during my trip to the Lawrence Music Clubhouse a few weeks ago.

Warning: Some face-melting may occur.


재즈보컬 교수 리사 도로슨 (Lisa Thorson in Berklee)


ハイチ支援コンサート Berklee Benefit for Haiti

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  1. Correct me if i’m wrong .You see, I play guitar as a main nentrumist, and I plan on going to Berklee ( Ability isn’t my issue, I just need to learn my theory) anyway, on Piano major scales all look different however, on a guitar if i were to play an F major scale’s shape To play an F# Major scale, I stay in the same shape and move to an F#, correct? I know about tetrachords, so I THINK i’m right, I’m just not positive.Sorry for such a long question =P

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