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Lincoln Center gets Pitch Slapped

Pitch Slapped made Berklee so proud this past weekend. The group placed 2nd at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) Finals at Lincoln Center!  Christine Gallagher and Hannah Juliano also won best arrangement for “Got to Get You Into My Life”.  You can find the full results on the Varsity Vocals website .

I had the opportunity to shoot some video and pictures of the group preparing for the performance backstage.  Pitch Slapped has a vibe that is contagious and inspiring. Gracious, humble, they make friends everywhere they go; evident as I saw visitors come and go in their dressing room.  They’re all very grounded, talented performers; not to mention hilarious, with a name like Pitch Slapped, that’s a given. I have been recently introduced to the group, and now I’m hooked!  (and you can be too….

Pitch Slapped backstage at Lincoln Center

As I watched the top competition from all over the country this weekend, I sat in my seat at Lincoln Center and reflected on what makes Pitch Slapped unique. Coming from the best contemporary music college in the world, they are surrounded by rock, pop, R&B, jazz, and many other genres.   The most passionate and talented young musicians from all over the globe congregate and connect at Berklee in Boston.  So when I saw Pitch Slapped perform on Saturday night, I felt this culmination of factors make this group so brilliant.

Pitch Slapped was founded in 2006 by Berklee students Cate Wright and Mary Dooley.  Cate and Mary visited backstage on Saturday.  There’s a sense of camaraderie that comes with a group that is made and produced by themselves, especially one that has grown so fast in a short period of time. Thanks to Pitch Slapped, a cappella at Berklee is here to stay.

I had a lot of fun, and I captured some of the rehearsals, and buzz backstage before the show.

You can follow Pitch Slapped on Twitter, or visit their site.

Current members of Pitch Slapped include: Ingrid Andress, Cara Brindis, Christine Gallagher, Megan Porter, Hannah Juliano, Samantha Schultz, Jen Waris, Mario Jose, Will Makar, Max Deneau, Kyle Miller, Mitchell Owens, Taylor Catlin, Jon Dendy, Derek Jayson, Dan Horst.


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  1. Judith Gold

    Yes, they were amazing! Pitch Slapped is so unique, and we are so very proud of them.

  2. Amanda

    Hi There,
    My brother & I just watched Pitch Slap loose on The Sing Off. We’re laughing because seriously, we thought you guys were the ONLY decent group that sang! Good luck to you all! You all have tons of talent individually and you sound amazing together.

    Amanda & Eric

  3. Shelly Booth

    Hi Amanda, Thanks for watching! I was disappointed with the results too, but it was still a great experience for the group! I’m a big fan, and looking forward to the new album that they’ll be releasing soon. 🙂

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