SXSW music started with a bang on Wednesday. 6th street seemed especially busy for the opening night.  But all the folks on the street wearing green reminded me that in addition to the start of one of the biggest music festivals and conferences there is (if not THE biggest), it was also St. Patrick’s Day.This may not have doubled the crowd, but it certainly added to it.  There was also a small but growing group of people in the middle of 6th st. offering free hugs, some holding signs, some just with outstretched arms announcing their intentions.  I have to say, I didn’t take them up on it, but I was intrigued.  Was this a new component to SXSW: Film, Interactive, Music, Hugs?  Or a new (or old) St. Patrick’s Day tradition I was unaware of.

I thought about this as we headed to Wave to see Pink Nasty, fronted by alumna Sara Beck.  She and her band rocked some sweet jangly pop songs with a faint country twinge.  She joked that she had just graduated from high school when introducing a song about rejection.  Fitting association, but I wasn’t fooled.

Thursday we had a great time at the Lucky Lounge, hosting our first unofficial show at SXSW (photos and more to come).  Now I’m off to Berklee’s Official Party at Friends, running 1:00 -5:30 today.  Stop by if you’re on 6th st. And don’t fall for the free hugs, it could be a trap!