T5logoMaking the Take 5 Documentary:

1.  Put Flip-cams in envelopes.  √
2.  Seal envelopes.   √
3.  Mail to six teenage musicians around the country to have them film their lives.  √
4.  Cross fingers and pray!  √

Okay, so producing a documentary is a little bit more involved than that, but you get the picture.

Months later, we are happy to announce the release of TAKE 5, a new reality series produced by the PULSE team that gives viewers an intimate look at the lives of aspiring musicians as they participate in the Berklee 5-Week Summer Performance Program.

Check out Episode 1 and meet our amazing cast members!

New episodes will be released monthly on the PULSE website in the Study Room and the Berklee Take 5 page!

After seeing Episode 1, Seattle cast member Austin DeVries summed it up best when he told us the show is “SOOOO COOOOL!!”

Watch the trailer and then go to the Berklee Take 5 page to watch the full episode!

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