The Heavy Rotation Records CD release show was probably the only one that wasn’t canceled in the city of Boston on February 10th.  With threats of “severe weather” and snow, there was a possibility that the show would have to be canceled.  Luckily, the show went on, and despite the warnings, there was an excellent turnout.

The energy was high for the entire duration of the show, as Berklee’s finest from a variety of genres took the stage.  From singer/songwriters to Brazilian music and Hip Hop, each and every artist pleased the crowd.

Julia Easterlin performs at this years Heavy Rotation Records show

Julia Easterlin performing at this year's Heavy Rotation Records show

We often forget how many students other than the performers worked on this concert. Heavy Rotation Records was created specifically for upper semester Music Business/Management majors at Berklee, and gives hands-on experience in running a record label.  From A&R and Marketing, to touring and accounting, the students do it all.  This was their 10th annual event, and Dorm Sessions 7 release.

Not only were physical copies of the new CD being handed out by the students at the door, but swag bags were given out after the show as well, containing goodies such as coupons to J.P. Licks and B.Good.

Be sure to check out this year’s Heavy Rotation Artists:

Ann Driscoll

Jordan Tarrant

Liz Longley

Tin Soldier

Julia Easterlin


Black Kettle

Tais Alvarenga

KR & The Future